Book | June 16, 2011


Book | June 16, 2011

Yesterday evening there was a break in the case about the disappearance of local librarian, Ms. Sherri Boyda. 


For those of you who aren't up-to-date on the latest town gossip, early last Thursday morning Ms. Boyda did not show up for her shift at the Winterbourne Public Library and had not contacted anyone since her closing shift the night before. 


I had tea with her co-worker/friend, Nancy Steckly, to get a better sense of what happened that night. I was told this was very out of the ordinary, and that Ms. Boyda was described by many as being extremely punctual and organized. 


Nancy told me she arrived at the library for her shift shortly after opening time to find the door locked and Ms. Boyda nowhere to be found. Upon unlocking the door and first entering the lobby unsuspectingly, nothing was out of the ordinary. However, stepping further into the library yielded a confusing sight. Nancy recounted that every book had been removed from its spot on the shelf, opened, and strewn across the floor and desks. Some pages had been ripped from their spine and stuck onto the walls, forming a mysterious puzzle that has yet to be solved. Ms. Boyda's belongings, including her coat, keys, and purse, were all found by the door. 


It was a shocking sight, as Nancy recalls. Her hands shook slightly as she described this scene, a vivid morning burned into her memory.


For a while the police had no leads on the disappearance, and no concrete way to piece the information together. 


“It was as if she disappeared off the face of the Earth...”, Nancy told me with a nervous look in her eyes.


After a few weeks of investigation in and around the library, they've made a horrifying discovery. Ms. Boyda, a short brunette with pale skin and thick specs, was identified drawn on the dusty page of an open book. The book, an adapted version of Robert Chambers' The King in Yellow published in 1896, was found on the library floor among the entire collection of books. Her face was frozen in shock, her hands up by her face as if pleading for mercy. 



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